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Spartan Investigative Group provides superior investigative services throughout Michigan. As Michigan locals, we offer the highest quality services as we understand the local rules and regulations, neighborhoods, and the judicial system. However, our primary advantage is the dedication to our customers.

Our customers always come first. Each case is unique, so we craft a new approach to every situation to create a truly custom investigative path. Our broad range of services allow us to dig deeper into your questions with informative and decisive answers.

Don’t leave your case up in the air. Hire the investigators at Spartan Investigative Group who will work tirelessly to solve your case.

Investigative Tactics

Spartan Investigative Group uses modern instruments to complete our investigations. Whether that be online databases, powerful surveillance tools, or software, our investigators use the best resources. This, paired with our traditional investigative tactics, allow us to find answers that others cannot.

Spartan Investigative Group was founded in 2013, but we have experience dating back to 2002. Our expertise over the years has grown, making us Michigan’s best investigation agency.

We are ready to get you the results you deserve, do not hesitate to contact us.

Domestic Investigations

As discreet investigators, we are skilled in providing secure domestic investigations so that you can feel safe in your own home. Whatever your domestic needs are, we will meet with you to discuss the best way to approach the situation and be sure that your questions are met with detailed reports.

Insurance Investigations

Protect yourself from fraud and false claims with an insurance investigation. We are familiar with the many tactics that people use to commit insurance fraud, so our tactics research all possibilities. You can never be too careful when protecting your assets, so be sure that you are properly backed with Spartan Investigative Group.

Criminal Investigations

Before going to trial, be sure that you have the answers you need for a well-rounded defense or prosecution. We get to the bottom of criminal behavior to showcase the truth. Don’t leave conviction up to chance, be sure that you have the answers with a thorough criminal investigation.

Background Investigations

If you have a question about who someone is or their past, be sure to perform a background check. Background checks are helpful when hiring new employees, finding a trusted nanny, or verifying a partner’s true identity. The use cases for background checks are plentiful, so be sure that your checks are accurate with Spartan Investigative Group.

Civil Investigations

Whether you are fighting for assets or justice, our Michigan investigators can assist in your civil claim. Our civil investigations are tailored to suit the Michigan judicial system to ensure that you have all the required information to build a strong case. Don’t go to court unprepared, give us a call first!

GPS Tracking

Tracking an individual for investigative needs is a tricky business. Here at Spartan Investigative Group, we make sure that our tactics are legal and fair so that you can collect information that will be upheld in a court of law. Make sure that you have a complete picture of the subject’s goings-on with legal GPS tracking.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing, or the act of locating an individual’s address, is an essential tool for a variety of cases. Our database searches, in-field research, and dedicated team of experts can track down even the hardest to find people. Find the missing people for your case with us.

Firearm Training

All adults should have a working knowledge of how to operate firearms, if not simply for the reason to disable them. Spartan Investigative Group makes sure that you know how to properly operate a firearm to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

Digital Forensic Services

We can assist with the following cases: Spyware, Dividing Marital Assets, Deceased Persons Data and Probate, Forensics Accounting, Internet Investigations, Audio/ Video Forensics, Expert Testimony, Cyber Harassment, Child Custody, and Vehicle Forensics.

Michigan Investigations

Contact us today to further discuss our services, pricing, and how we can assist you with your investigative needs.

We are prepared to answer any questions you may have and provide excellent customer service. Give us a call or email us at [email protected]

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